My name is Jon-Claude (please, just Jon for short) Gerow, born January 29, 1971. I was married to Lois on August 3, 1996 in Clearwater, FL. Our daughter Chantel was born on December 12, 2002 in Tampa, FL. All of this information is here not so much for you folks, but because I have a horrible memory and it's good to have all of this information in one place.

When it comes to computers, it all started with a Z80 based computer and a book on how to do Z80 assembly. I was writing my own programs, but I must say I didn't have a very large audience. By 1990, I had sold all of my computer stuff and bought a motorcycle and a TurboGrafx16 console to satisfy my gaming needs. My now wife was going to school in Tampa while I still lived in Vero Beach managing a bicycle shop. Eventually I moved to Tampa and got back into computers with the purchase of a 486 SX25 based clone in 1994. I would probably still be writing my own BBS software, gaming in DOS and peddling Belkin cables at the local CompUSA if it weren't for me getting a job at a small computer shop in Tampa, FL in 1996.

I'm often seen around the web using the name "jonnyGURU". The name may seem pompous and arrogant... which is why it may suit the man that was pompous and arrogant enough to put his name across the top of a computer-related website back in 1997, but the nom de plume actually came about strictly by accident. Once upon a time, circa 1988, at a Clock Restaurant on U.S.1 in Vero Beach, FL (I believe it's now Chinese take out) a hostess had trouble pronouncing "Gerow" and announced that "Guru, party of three. Your table is ready." Since the party of three were three High School seniors, the misnomer stuck. In an act of self-deprecation (to offset using the word "GURU" in a handle) the "jonny" is often all lower case. GURU is all caps because back when I was dialing up on BBS's, my handle was just "GURU" and typically everything on a BBS would be in all caps.