Talking about the 12VHPWR connector: I spent some time making the rounds on social media and saw a lot of confusion over what is ATX 3.0, what is PCIe 5.0 and what is a 12VHPWR connector and how they work. There's also a bit of my own opinion about the connectors in this piece as well. So don't take this as a "review of the 12VHPWR connector" but rather an "opinion piece".

Talking about the 12V-2x6 connector: To improve connectivity, a new version of the 12VHPR connector on the GPU has been added to the spec. This connector is called the 12V-2x6. In this article, I go over the differences.

Moddifying a Lian-Li Strimer Plus V2 to not be a potential fire hazard: We're going to show how to properly use one of the most popular 12VHPWR extensions on the market... The Lian Li Strimer Plus V2.

An 8-pin PCIe supports a lot more than "150W": In this article, I would like to dispell the myth that "8-pin" PCIe connectors are ONLY capable of 150W.

Single vs. Multiple +12V rails. What does it really mean?: I actually wrote this as a forum sticky back in 2008. Despite it's age, the subject still confuses people and often needs clarification.

Unchecking the "automatically restart" option in Windows 10: Quite often, when a PC "crashes" resulting in a reboot, people automatically assume that the problem is the PSU is incapable of providing adequate power to their build. But often times, it's actually other hardware and restarting the PC is Windows way of getting a "fresh start". Instead of seeing a B.S.O.D. (blue screen of death), you get a reboot.

Using a paper clip to test a PSU: If you want to see if your power supply is still capable of turning on, you can use a paper clip to test it. Back when I wrote this, PSU wires were color coded. What we call today "ketchup and mustard cables". But even if all of your wires are black, you can use this page to determine what wires would have been "PWR ON" and "ground" and test your PSU.

History of Power: After spending COVID reading a number of biographies and autobiographies from the likes of Edison, Tesla, Westinghouse, etc., I decided to put this quick "history lesson" together. It also dispells the "Tesla vs. Edison War of the Currents" myth. Tesla's autobiography does note some interesting encounters with Edison (like Edison picking up Tesla to guess his weight) as well the story about how Edison refused to pay Tesla once, but there was never a Edison vs. Tesla "war" where the two "fought" over DC vs. AC.

The terms we use for electricity and their history: Just a real quick primer on the different terms we use when discussing electricity, what they mean and how they got their names. ot.

PSU with and without sense wires: What does the sense wires do and exactly how effective are they?


Corsair Type 5 Connector Part Numbers (Molex):

  • 18-pin: Molex Micro-Fit+ PN 2064611800
  • 10-pin: Molex Micro-Fit+ PN 2064611000
  • 8-pin: Molex Micro-Fit+ PN 2064610800
  • 6-pin: Molex Micro-Fit 3.0 PN 430250600

Keep in mind that Micro-Fit (aka Micro-Fit 3.0 because of the 3mm pitch),and Micro-Fit+ look very similar, but they are NOT compatible.


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