Wait a minute... what did that box say again?

DC to DC Voltage Regulator modules for +3.3V and +5V. But.....

And what did it say in the manual?

Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors?

What? Where?

In case you haven't caught on yet.... this power supply is a Seasonic S12II. It's one we've reviewed before and it's one that does not use DC to DC VRM's and it does not use solid caps. I'll spare you the finite details, because we've gone over this platform a number of times. One thing is true, the capacitors are all 105C Chemi-Con which is a Japanese brand.

If I did video reviews, right now you would be watching a 30 minute long facepalm. If you want, go out and do something for 30 minutes and picture in your mind my face, in my palm. Maybe you can spend the next 30 minutes going on You Tube and finding more videos of "Back Tuvan Future" star Kongar-ol Ondar. Maybe you can spend the time practicing your own throat singing. Come back whenever. I'll be here.... with my face.... in my palm.....

Finally, here's the fan out of the unit:

It's an ADDA AD1212MB-A70GL, which is the same 120 x 25mm ball bearing fan other Seasonic S12II power supplies come with.

So we've reviewed Seasonic S12II power supplies a number of times in the past and have never seen the wacky voltage regulation we got to see today. So the first thing that comes to mind is "defective unit"? Well, let's just say I have a XFX Core Edition 550W here that I'm going to publish a review of tomorrow. I won't completely spoil the surprise, but let's just say that the results aren't too different than this unit.

That said... let's get to scoring!

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