Key: PSU Side (looking at the PSU):
18-pin motherboard:
  +5V               S  
              S S
  -5V 10-pin motherboard:
  PG S          
  Power On  
S +3.3V Sense  
8-pin CPU/PCIe:  
S +5V Sense          
S +12V Sense   Same as Type 3 Newer version of RM that uses Type 4 cables.
S Ground Sense  
  Not used      
6-pin PATA/SATA  
Corsair PSU's that use Type 4:
* CX-M
* CS-M
* CX-F
* TX-M
* RM (Newer version.  See photo)
* RMx
* RMi
* HX Silver and Gold
* HX Platinum
* AX Titanium
* AX1600i
Non-Corsair PSUs that use Type 4:
* BitFenix Whisper M
* MSI A-G, A-GF and A-BN

* XPG (Adata) Core Reactor

Partially compatible:
* Thermaltake TPD-1050AH3FCP-A 1050W 
* Thermaltake TPD-1200AH3FCP-A 1200W 
* Thermaltake TPG-1250DH3FCT IRGBPLUS1250W 
* Thermaltake TPI-850DH3FCP 850W 
These Thermaltake PSUs use Type 4 cables for everything but the 6-pin PATA/SATA
Thermaltake 6-pin.   Note the +5V and +12V are reversed.